Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 Things these weeks have seemed a little fuzzy and out of focus.

But then I decided my "forgettyhead" self (5-year-old Laura's word for me, thankyouverymuch), otherwise known as scatterbrained and/or distracted easily by the light through a forgotten red chard plant, can also be described as creative and spontaneous.
 Madeleine went to her first school dance and looked ah-mazing. Her group of friends is a blessing and I know this word is somewhat overused but I really, truly mean it: each of those girls and guys makes me giddy with gratitude that we get to know them and watch them move through their own teen years. Because really, it's healing to know that friendship and loyalty survive the texting-crazed generation.

I rewrote a bit of my own biography in my head, watching my daughter walk confidently in heels and a little black dress. Where do they get these pieces of themselves so apparently foreign to nature or nurture? The confidence, I'm telling you, it kills me.
 You know what else slays me?

Foggy October mornings. Six dentist appointments in one week. Being out of loose tea. Sudden urges to tear up carpet during history class at the home school table.

You know, the unexamined life would probably benefit me a little.
 Is that out of focus or just dreamy? Still deciding. Which reminds me, this week brings three doctor appointments and a new optometrist appointment in addition to the twelve dance classes, two singing lessons (rescheduled and I can't remember why), one flute and one piano lesson. Last week was the dentist. I'm pretty sure. You can't overestimate my forgettyhead.

In theory I love this time of year.
The true New Year of academics, this autumn time. Also not the time to be out of soothing herbal tea.


Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Sweet post.

That's neat that your daughter has a nice circle of friends.

Katie said...

Oh, my forgetty head friend...How quickly these foggy mornings of rushing hither and to become but out of focus memories. I can't help searching for those little cherub faces of our now teens (!!) only to see these grown people and I wonder where they came from.

Abbi said...

Pretty pictures. Your schedule sounds a little overwhelming to me! I hope your week goes well.