Monday, July 29, 2013

[Lazy?] Days of Summer

All of our hay is in the barn.
The drought reduced our yield by about a third.
This year's crew was nearly all child labor as Mr. Suite was on deadlines.
The borrowed hay elevator helped a lot.
And we paid the children in swimming parties at the river.
Since putting the hay away it has been all theatre and dance all the time.
Madeleine, Sarah and Grace were in an original
melodrama staged at our community theatre.
Sal and Laura and I have been busy while the big girls were rehearsing song and dance numbers. We've visited the library, a wading pool in Nearby College Town, the ice cream shop (three times) and the movie theatre. They are loving Mommy Camp.
Ooh! I forgot to mention that my sweet nieces
spent the better part of two weeks with us, swimming and
feeding the chickens and being the farmgirls they were born to become.
And we had a sort of big-deal weekend at the dance studio when a celebrity visitor came to town for our free community dance class in the park.
I wasn't a fan before (I'd never heard of Summer Glau) but I am now.
She was gracious, and beautiful, and kind.
And she said she has a dream to be a farmgirl.
Dancer, actor, farmgirl. She must be a kindred spirit, right?

After the theatre and the dance and the swimming and some more dancing...
we are gardening.
Canning a little already.
Loving this crazybusy again.


BLD in MT said...

Ah, yes, the crazybusy. Mine pushed me almost too far yesterday, but I know these seasons ebb and flow. So nice you've been able to swim and work and spend time with family. Wonderful.

ARKerns said...

love being able to have a keyhole glimpse of your life... it's what I dreamed of... but God had other plans.
And, I'm really delighted with the fact He loves us so much that we live out HIS dreambest for each of us!
"the crazybusy"... that just seems to be the way for the likes of you... enjoy 'em while you may!