Wednesday, March 27, 2013

In which you cannot see the barn I risked life and limb to photograph

Hello. My name is Miriam and I take pictures of barn signs.

Even when there happens to be a line of porta-potties and a blackberry hedge obscuring the barn.

Or large dogs patrolling the perimeter.

It's a problem no cropping can solve.

 Last weekend was so gorgeous here on the rainy side of Oregon that you know I felt nothing but guilt for the rest of the country's stuck-in-winter blues.

 Madeleine had dance class, Sarah was recovering from pneumonia,
Grace went to work with Dad.
Serial commas be darned;
the camera languished in its bag and so the babies and I went for a drive.
Just Salvador and Laura and me.
It was a beautiful start to Holy Week and just the quiet called for.

(Except, now that I think of it, for the noise of the 5- and 2-year-old children.)

There may be big changes for our little family this coming year.
Oh, who am I kidding.
There are always big changes.

After years of happy (mostly independent) homeschooling we are considering a homeschool charter school. Madeleine is age-wise entering her high school years and it's possible she will want to participate in theater and music at the local high school.

Mr. Suite has made huge changes in his engineering business
and we are adjusting to his new location and way of working.
I can embrace change, I can.

I'm thinking (again!) about graduate school since
sweet Salvador sidetracked that plan a couple of years ago.

The garden will be just as big or bigger. The farmhouse remodeling will continue.
(Post about the fabulous cheap-to-free bathroom remodel, promised!)

And of course I'll continue to cruise the back roads in search
for decrepit barns and country churches. That much will stay the same.

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Miss Mandy said...

You MUST post about the bathroom. It's a great story.

And I'm picturing you climbing a tree in a floral skirt & your cute little sweater with the rosettes. Anything for a great pic right?