Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last week I started a little couch-to-5k project.
I hesitate to mention it, you know, since I'm much nearer the "couch" than the "5k."
All my life I've been a dancer, a writer, a horsewoman, a thinker.
And although I play well with others I am not exactly a team sports kinda girl.
So it was with great surprise that I realized I love both the field and track portions of a track-and-field event.
I think I really love the solitude of running... even in my current walk-run-walk-run stage.
And it's not just because my early partners, 
my sweet husband and my super-fit oldest child, 
outran me within 90 seconds of our inaugural workout.
Come to find out, I just (big surprise) like being alone for 20 or 40 minutes.
One can think on a run.
(Molly is behind bars because we have a new bottle baby, a lamb, 
and the dogs are not to be trusted with small bouncy creatures.)
Anywhat I have new running shoes and a new attitude.
I run for mental health.
I like the running better in the woods,
where the fir needles and moss cushion paths
and my thoughts are rambling
but loud enough to hear over 
my breathing.
As a horsewoman
it feels a little like that moment when you transition 
from walk to trot to
It's breathless and slightly uncomfortable, hard to catch your balance, and then rhythm takes over.
So I go into the woods without my camera.
And I come out not a faster person but a person with a better pace.
I run when Salvador's asleep and the girls are
deep into history or language arts -- my favorite subjects and theirs --
and I can't believe I look forward to this exercise.

Do you run?
Do you stretch yourself in some other unexpected way?
(Do you illustrate your blog, your life, with seemingly unrelated photos? Me too.)


Mrs. G. said...

Good for you, M. I don't run but every Monday I wake up planning to. One Monday, it will stick. Love the photos!

CaraDD said...

I don't run much. But I did enjoy what little I did at the beginning of track season.

Pictures are ALWAYS good!

BLD in MT said...

I run, mostly as a means of transportation since I don't have a car, but I run. I also run whenever I am in the trees. I can't help myself. I just have to break into a run. I feel wild and free like the animal I am. I always run alone. I like the solitude as well.

Have you read this book:
Born to Run? http://www.amazon.com/Born-Run-Hidden-Superathletes-Greatest/dp/0307266303

It is a life-changing book that I resisted reading for a long time because I thought I wasn't a runner so why would I read a running book, but....turns out that is exactly why.

Good for you in expanding your world and finding a great reward for yourself.

Katie said...

My dear sweet sister in arms (or legs or running shoes?) may we both be fabulously skinny again someday...

Margo said...

wow, I am so not a runner. I admire you. I would like to have that mental space, though.

I was just reading on my friend Carrie's blog (she's on my sidebar) that she likes a balance of knowns and unknowns in her life. Maybe I'm getting stale and I need an unknown, a challenge, like running. ha. That would be a big ironic joke on me. But you are convincing!!