Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The redheaded boy, the family tartan and the backward sweater

We don't have a family tartan (that I know of). But of course if we did that'd have to be it. The girls have been doing a month-long research project on immigration and we are learning that we, as a Suite family, came over on the Mayflower and in a roundabout way from the halls of Napoleon and the pyramids of Aztec fame and other less-lofty but still fascinating paths to find ourselves on this little new farm in Western Oregon, where even the clouds are sunshine to my soul.

(Okay. That last bit was a bit misty but you get the idea.)

I am not yet wearing my cardigans backward and, shocker, that is not me in that photo.

But honestly I'm having a lot of fun here on Geranium Lane, where the internet doesn't reach us and the UPS man honks his horn outside the gate. All of our critters are now settling in to the century barn and the chicken chalet and the bunny hutch. I'm campaigning for a Jersey cow but so far Mr. Suite he is resistant.

I'll keep you posted.


BLD in MT said...

Good luck on the cow! And you sound like you've got a piece of paradise to me!

BLD in MT said...

Also, I gave you a little blog award. Please, don't feel obligated to continue spreading it unless you really want to. I don't really want to get anyone involved in a "chain" involuntarily! But, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and you! Thanks for sharing it! You are so inspiring!