Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eh. I dunno.

How's that for inspirational?

My baby's growing up.

He's doing gross-but-cute things such as sucking on his toes and laughing at his own spit bubbles.

He's fascinated with trucks and tractors and other big boy toys and, no, I didn't steer him toward these somewhat gender-specific activities.

I find myself in this time with a couple of writing projects stagnating, a couple of quilt tops to sandwich, and a couple of big things on my mind. These big things would not be along the lines of how to make my cell phone battery last longer nor would they be along the lines of democracy for Egypt.
But in this house of little people, the things I ponder seem big at the moment.
Again with the perspective.

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Susan Evans said...

What precious pictures of your son! Treasure every moment. It goes by so fast; it's crazy.