Wednesday, April 7, 2010

May I direct your attention to Ring Number Three?

At Christmas Sarah wanted to learn how to juggle. The first sunny day she asked Madeleine to paint her face. It's all coming together for me now. I'm not a mom, I'm a Ringmaster!

And on the other side of the Big Tent, the fierce and fearless bunny takes on an intruder chicken despite its imposing beak. Why Little Red decided the grass looked greener in the bunny run is anyone's guess. Maybe it was her lifelong dream to run off and join the circus.

After a little popcorn perhaps we can watch Laura perform the high-wire act: a death-defying feat that involves SNAPPING OFF THE DAFFODIL BUDS BEFORE THEY BLOOM.

The only problem with my circus analogy is that the dog makes a lousy lion. Put your head near his fierce mouth and all you'll get is slobbered.

The greatest show on Earth. Is that trademarked? If not, I'll take a service mark on it on behalf of my menagerie.


Still On The Verge said...

Hilarious post! I feel the same way. Ringmaster is a perfect word for our position!!


Farm Chick Paula said...

Well, I for one think this is the cutest circus I've ever seen...

QuiltedSimple said...

Love your very, very cute circus!